Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thunder Showers

We are having our second thundershower of the day. Early this morning it poured rain and then the sun came out. Then about 20 minutes ago the whole sky turned black and the thunder started and the rain poured. Lucy headed under the bed and curled up in as small a ball as she could.

Well, this week drywall started going up. Hopefully Friday it will get finished. The guy installing it is doing it on his time so it's whenever he can get here. It is about half done,and finally starting to look like a room instead of a shell. DH put in the second door this week. The one with the window is the public entrance door and the solid one is the door that will open into the sun room once it is built. It will be enclosed access to the house. My counter with the cash register will go between the two doors. The floors will be a laminate called Brazilian Cherry and we picked up a ceiling fan and the blades on the fan are the same color. Now I have to figure out a color for the walls and ceiling. Any suggestions?

Guess I'd better go and finish my last lesson for my EQ6 Sampler class and get it turned in. Have learned alot about EQ6 and looking forward to learning more when the next class starts in May at Quilt University.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just another April Day

Last night's storm was a good one. We woke up to a white world and the wind was still blowing. The snow is melting, but it is a slow process. The trees were starting to bud and we had flowers coming up but not blooming yet so they should be okay. I took these pictures about noon after the snow had been melting awhile. It is a bright and sunny day otherwise.
So I guess I will spend some time working on my EQ6 Sampler Class and try to get another lesson turned in so I am only two behind. If you own EQ6 but don't use it I would encourage you to take the class at Quilt University. It is a terrific class. You get to work at home, don't have to find parking and don't have to be in class at a certain time. The best way to go to school.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Where Did March Go?

All the sudden here it is April and instead of spring we are having a winter come back. This afternoon it started with the wind blowing and the sky getting dark and then it started snowing tiny little flakes. It is bad enough that we lost Dishnetwork just before 10pm.
March was a busy month. My sister-in-law came to visit for a few days and helped DH put up insulation in the quilt room. I signed up for a class at Quilt University to learn how to use my EQ6 so I have been busy trying to get the lessons done. Of course, the week the class started my computer had to have a time out at the repair place something grabbed ahold of it and wouldn't let go. Then last week our son came down to see us for 4 days between jobs. He started his new job on April 1. He called tonight and said his first two days were good and he is liking it so far much better than his last job. While he was here he helped DH put up some window trim on the Quilt Room. He also made friends with Rosie. It was a short visit, but hopefully he will come again one of these days.
Dh and a couple of his friends went up to the hospital and played some music one Sunday and they are planning on going again on the 21st of April. It's nice he has found someone to play guitars with he really enjoys the guitar. He taught himself how to play as a teenager. Well, that was pretty much my month. How was your March?