Monday, November 15, 2010

The Buddah Cat

Miss Emma was sitting outside the bedroom door pretending she was the invisible cat, just waiting for one of the other cats to walk past so she could practice her attack skills. The only thing she found was me with the camera.

Meanwhile, outside this hawk was having lunch. We don't know for sure but we think he probably killed a dove. It didn't take him long to finish it off.

Squeak has become a fast moving, growing blur. She is always busy discovering her world and estimating her chances if she
decides to take on the larger cats. So far she is smart enough to not try anything she'll regret.

I started piecing a kit from Connecting Threads called Jacobean Nine Patch. It should go together pretty fast
so I'll post pictures once I get the top together.

1 comment:

sewmeow said...

Miss Emma is sure pretty. I have 3 inside cats and one of mine, Princess, looks similar to Miss Emma...but Princess is a longhair..and named most perfectly.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family. Ilove this time of year.