Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally Spring

Like everyone else I have been wondering if Spring would ever arrive. This week has been very spring like here. Fields are starting to turn green, the robins have arrived and the cats have spring fever.

My DSIL came down from Montana last week and helped DH put up the insulation in the quilt room. Just have the ceiling to get done and then it will be time to do drywall. DH put in the last window and it really looks nice. With 5 windows and 17 overhead lights I should be able to see what I am doing anywhere in
the room. I asked DH to up the windows up higher than normal because it would give me light and let me put things under them without blocking them.

Had to take my computer to the fix-it man because it just wouldn't play nicely. Brought it home on Friday so I can finally post on the blog again. I am taking the EQ6 Sampler class at Quilt University so that I can finally use my EQ6 without saying bad words. Working on the first lesson and so far it is fun and I am learning cool things. Hopefully, I'll be better about posting now that the computer is working again. Have a good weekend.