Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Morning

It is a windy, cold day here in Rupert. The sun was out this morning, but it looks like another storm system is headed our way. You may have noticed that I changed the picture on my header. This is what I see out my front window. The mountain is MT. Harrison. We are about 25 miles away so I took the picture with my zoom on my camera.

Dh has been out working on the deck that will run between the house and the quilt room. When it is finished it will have a screened in section, an enclosed part and the front part will be open. I'll try to get pictures of all the stages. This one is what was accomplished before he got to cold to continue. This spring we will be painting the outside of the quilt room and the house. The plan is to paint the quilt room a barn red with white trim and the house a white with red trim. Then we are going to paint a 3' x 3' quilt block to put up on the outside of the quilt room. I've decide to use the Ohio Star Block since it is on my business card.

I want to welcome all the people that are following my blog. Please feel free to leave comments, pose questions if you have them or just say HI when you get the chance.

Last, but not least Rosie Cat has decided that DH is her person. She follows him around, curls up in his chair or at his feet when he is on the computer, and when he watches t.v. she is in his lap soaking up all the attention she can get.


Chocolate Cat said...

Your header looks great. Can't wait to see all the stages of the deck, the painting and especially the 'quilt block'!

Digger said...

That picture of DH out working in the cold is downright scarey. Now he tells me he is plugging along on the insulation.

Be sure you don't let him wear himself down to a nubbin or I'll just have to spend all my time visiting with you when I get there.

I am looking forward to seeing your new place.