Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walcott State Park

Yesterday afternoon while we flooded the yard here in Idaho we decided to drive out to the park for a couple of hours. The park is only 12 miles from the house so it is a nice drive. We had the park to ourselves so I took some pictures and then we enjoyed the piece and quiet to read awhile. I did get a picture of this Screech Owl
and some nice views of the park. The park has several really nice old trees. You can launch your boat, and camp if you have an RV. The lake is right on the snake river. I know more than you wanted to know about a park.
We've been here in Idaho for about 2 weeks so we will be heading back to WA this weekend so we can load up and come back down. Slowly we are getting it done. I'm sending this from my early birthday present. My husband bought me an HP 17" laptop. The office Vista program is taking some getting used to I have used Windows XP for so long I am comfortable with it. Take care I'll talk to you soon.


Amanda said...

How pretty. But tell me, why were you flooding your yard?

Chocolate Cat said...

What a fantastic present! Enjoy!

Candace said...

Really a beautiful place, so peaceful. I'd have been so excited to see your owlie friend. I hope that you are enjoying your new laptop.