Saturday, March 14, 2009


We arrived home about 1:30am this morning. It was a long trip, but it's good to be home again. The cats missed me.

While we were in Idaho I managed to get the binding on this customer quilt and get it mailed off to her. She called me and told me how pleased she was with it. I was glad to hear it because I really liked this one. I think I have enough material left to make another one. BTW this is the quilt I made with the material posted in a previous post.

We were having breakfast one morning and when I looked out the window I saw this guy walking through the yard. I quickly grabbed the camera and managed to get a picture. He's the largest Pheasant I have ever seen.

The next two pictures I thought were interesting and I hope you also find them interesting. The first one is looking out the living room windows and this is what we see. Then the same morning I saw the Pheasant from the dining room window I also noticed this tree in the back yard. I had seen a picture on another blog called I Live On A Farm and she had taken a picture of a tree that had two of these eye like knots on it. So here is my tree.
So once taxes are filed we will load up the truck and do it all again. I hope by that time spring will have arrived and it will be a little warmer. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Chocolate Cat said...

Glad you are home safely. Love the photos , that quilt is gorgeous.

Candace said...

He is a beautiful fellow, isn't he.
The quilt is awesome, such pretty colors and a very nice quilting pattern. I can't believe that when I was growing up they always said green and blue didn't go. I always thought how come the grass and sky look so nice then.