Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Won!

Yesterday I recieved an email from Lise at the Chocolate Cat that I was one of two winners on her recent giveaway. My very first win in blogland. I seldom to never win anything so when I do excitement abounds. Stay tuned for photos.

On another note I quilted this T Shirt quilt for a customer this week.

She used a nice fleece backing. This was the first t-shirt quilt I have done and I'm not sure I want to do another one. I couldn't get enough tension on it to prevent all the wrinkles.

I'm off to get another quilt done so I'll talk to you later.


Jelly Wares said...

Congrats on the blogland win!!! I see what you mean about the puckering, but it still looks great!! Why does that happen???? And what's a t-shirt quilt???

Jodie :)

Kim said...

I've never made a T-shirt quilt, but from what I've read, you should stabilize the T-shirts with an iron on interfacing. I wonder if that's the problem? The puckery look is kind of fun though!