Thursday, October 16, 2008

This week's quilt

Not much going on here at the moment. I did get a quilt done for a
new customer this week. It is for her son to take to college.
I'm also making some maple leaf blocks hoping to get it made into a quilt top soon. I have about half of the block done. Thinking of calling it Leaves of Change ( a play of sorts on the election). Our ballots arrived in the mail today so now just have to make up my mind on which way is the better choice.

This afternoon when I went to check mail in the neighbors yard under a tree this is what I saw. As I was trying to get closer to take another picture a second neighbors dogs saw me, and rushed noisely to the fence - and then this is what I saw. Almost didn't get that shot they sure move fast. The first neighbor has apple trees in his yard so it is like a buffet for them. Well, back to the sewing machine to make more leaf blocks. A very good thing to be doing on a grey rainy day.

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Amanda said...

I love the colours in your Maple Leaf quilt, so autumnal. I never seem to have my camera to hand when anything interesting happens, great pictures of the deer.