Friday, August 29, 2008


This week I have been knitting in the evenings. I am working on a pair of socks. The first one is done and it fits (always a plus) and the second one is over half done. Maybe tonight I'll get it finished. Already I'm thinking of what color I want to make next. I can't remember what the name of the yarn is and the cats have hidden the label. It is a superwash sock yarn. I am knitting it with a size 3 needle. I can use a size #1 or #2, but I like #3 better. The more knitting I do the more I enjoy it. My sister in law finally got her shawl in the mail that I made and she really likes it. I'm thinking about doing another one. I saw a pattern in PieceWork Magazine (July/August 2008) issue that I'd like to try. I working up my confidence to go buy the yarn and start it. Maybe after the trip to Idaho I'll be ready. Note: The trip to Idaho maybe happening on Wednesday the new word is we are supposed to be able to sign papers on Thursday afternoon. The adventure continues. Stay tuned for further developements.


Amanda said...

I love the sock - let's hope the second one matches ok! I've just started my first piece f knitting for over 25 years, just a simple top that might be ready for next summer if I'm lucky, and if it fits and if ... etc. I'd so love to knit some socks but have never knitted with four needles. Perhaps a pair of mittens would be a good start. What do you think? said...

I love the socks - lots of color.