Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

Here is a little quiz for you. I found this on the Farmer's Almanac website. Let me know how many you get right before you look at the answers. LOL

1. Who was the only president never to marry?
2. Who was the first president to wear a beard?
3. Who was president for the shortest amount of time?
4. What King became president?
5. From what law school did Abraham Lincoln graduate?
6. Who was the first president born in a log cabin?
7. What three presidents won the Nobel Peace Prize?Give up?

1. James Buchanan is the only president who wasn’t married. During his term, his niece, Harriet Lane, played the role of First Lady.
2. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to wear a beard.
3. William Henry Harrison died on his 31st day in office.
4. Born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., Gerald Ford, Jr. became our 28th president and was our first “King” to be elected.
5. Lincoln never attended law school.
6. Andrew Jackson.
7. Theodore Roosevelt in 1960 earned a Noble Peace Prize for his part in helping to end the Russo-Japanese war, and Woodrow Wilson, in 1919 for his efforts in helping create the League of Nations. And former president Jimmy Carter won it in 2002 for his "untiring efforts" over decades to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts and to advance democracy and human rights.

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Roslyn Atwood said...

Love your card tricks & the Baptist Fans-I just can't bring myself to shell out the $$$ for the templates.